Experience Counts for a Lot

Who we are

A British managed company with an engineering background established in Bangkok at the heart of the ASEAN region with a collective population of almost 600 million people ready to do business with you.

    What we do
  • Sales & Marketing

  • Sourcing Agents

  • Out-Sourcing Management

  • Representation of Overseas Companies

  • Trader/Exporter of Local

All About us

Originally formed in 1989 in Hamburg as OrioleWear active in the garment industry as agents in the exacting German market. Oriole InterTrade was incorporated in Thailand in 2004 to cater for the broader commercial sector in technically related products.

Our British CEO, a member of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and the Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers had a career in the marine industry as an engineer and surveyor for over 35 years, specialising in the mega yacht industry. Encompassing multi-faceted disciplines from steelwork through all shipboard technical systems - to soft furnishings! This all-embracing experience combined with managerial skills affords a basis to understanding client's technical needs.

Our support teams comprise skills easily extended to almost any industry with extensive experience in management, procurement, analytical quality control, regulatory and customs procedures, packaging and shipping. In recent years we entered into the Trading/Commodity market primarily in the foodstuffs industry.

This combination of talents and local knowledge enables us to offer a valuable service to both buyers and sellers.

The Oriole Name

Our Company's mascot is a member of the Oriolus Trailli or Maroon Oriole family. The species are indigenous to Southeast Asia and live in forested elevations 800 to 2000 metres. They live off insects and berries and grow to about 28cm with a wingspan of 30cm. Their strikingly beautiful red plumage is wonderful to behold matched by their happy singing voices to be heard in their tropical habitat.