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A British managed company with an engineering background, established in Bangkok at the heart of the ASEAN region, a collective population of almost 600 million people ready for you to do business with..

    What we do
  • Sales & Marketing

  • Sourcing Agents

  • Out-Sourcing Management

  • Representation of Overseas Companies

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Export Sales & Marketing

If you're thinking about broadening your sales horizons to the Far East - then we can help. The ASEAN population is over 620 million people presenting incredible new sales opportunities. With our help, you can gain access to take maximum advantage of this new growth area whose GDP is consistently rising with increasing needs both industrially and domestically.

We can identify the best marketing strategies and the right direction to follow to further your best interests here.

Our experience demonstrates how to get straight to those distributors who will really make the best impact in selling a particular type of product. Going it alone, ultimately will leave you open to make costly mistakes with much time and resources wasted in pursuing ineffective strategies not matched to local cultures.

In short, we can be a real instrument of success in opening exciting new and prosperous markets for you.

Your First Steps to New Marketing Opportunities

Send us as much information of your products as possible.
- a complete description
- function
- material specifications & any applicable drawings
- known legal and safety aspects
- costings
- any brochure or documentation
- and ultimately, your own samples.

We would respond with an objective appraisal of realistic expectations of success.