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A European managed company with an engineering background, established in Bangkok at the heart of the ASEAN region, a collective population of almost 600 million people ready for you to do business with..

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  • Sales & Marketing

  • Sourcing Agents

  • Out-Sourcing Management

  • Representation of Overseas Companies

  • Trader/Exporter of Local

Introducing - Redbird Represents...

REDBIRD REPRESENTS.... offers foreign companies the opportunity to take advantage of our extensive experience here in Southeast Asia and give them the means to maintain permanent representation with all its inherent advantages, in a very cost effective way.

We are targeting companies who would probably never contemplate, nor could justify having their OWN office.
But our service offers you just that! – YOUR OWN REGIONAL OFFICE!

There’s no doubt, having someone local to your customers, immediately on hand to answer quiries, but also importantly, having the ability to follow-up on day to day problems, serves greatly to enhance credibility and project an image of a forward looking and seriously export orientated company.

The service we offer is not to be confused with a so-called virtual office or an answering service....... Far from it!

Our policy is very much hands-on!  Requiring fully detailed technical knowledge of your product(s) to the extent that we can be reasonably adept in addressing your customers’ needs.  We’re ready, virtually 24/7 to attend to customers on-site and address their issues. Plus, by virtue of our diverse skills take any remedial technical action too.

RedBird Represents.... offers a very cost effective way of establishing a permanent presence in the ASEAN region our region.

We can provide you a unique opportunity to be in at the ground floor. To have your OWN regional office permanently here to promote and advance your interests in our progressive and ever expanding economies.

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