Some of our Products


GRAINS:: Over time we have nurtured close partnerships with important global Grain producer mandates - particularly Brazilian, who through their high volume business are able to offer us extremely competitive prices which we accordingly pass on to our customers.

SUGAR:: Equally,with important sugar producer mandates we offer very attractive Brazilian prices.

CANNED, DEHYDRATED AND FRUIT JUICES:: Thailand's goal is to become the garden of the world, blessed with abundant sunshine and soil we grow some of the world's most exotic fruits. Please download our catalogue - taste the sunshine!

FRESH GINGER:: We have access now to world-wide suppliers of excellent quality Fresh Ginger. Contact us for your requirements.

CINNAMON:: We work closely with an Indonesian supplier of top quality grades of Cinnamon-Cassia.

FOOD INGREDIENTS: : Check our pages for the list of ingredients available - bulk quantities only.


The Poultry industry has now become an area of expertise with which we have worked hard at. We are always seeking reliable partnerships with Pork and Beef Producers to cater for our high volume demands
Frozen Chicken Meat cuts sourced from the world's finest producers. Equally Chicken feet & Paws for the Chinese market. However, for the time being we are temporarily curtailing business in this domain due to excessive speculation and often piracy.