We can undertake fabrication work in Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Tubular Stainless Steel. Labour intensive works particularly on a large scale can be very cost effective when considering the excellent workmanship and high welding proficiency which we can offer here in Thailand.
Cost savings are remarkable even when taking into account container shipping. You will need to take into account any import duties imposed in your own country, but as partially assembled products tax impositions will be more favourable.
As engineers ourselves we can assume much technical input from the outset, therefore it is only necessary to submit detailed working drawings and a materials schedule, a materials schedule, finishing requirements and any particular standards and practices that we should comply with. We can then prepare a competitive quotation for your project, inclusive of shipping costs.

Curtain Walling Design and Fabrication

Our associate German managed Façade Architecture company is fully qualified to not only design. but to fully execute the complete fabrication of curtain walling in many materials for any size commercial building. Thailand possesses the materials and craftsmanship to effect fabrication of exterior façades and also interior contract furnishings at very competitive prices.
Amongst the impressive completed buildings portfolio is the 101 Tower in Taipei once the tallest building in the world!

Projects can be undertaken anywhere, but we have particular experience with projects in Southeast Asia, Australia, India and the in the Middle East.
Please inquire about our detailed portfolio and to know much more about how we can help in out-sourcing your next undertaking.